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Our goal: To inspire kids to code.

TechUpKids is an organization started with an objective of getting kids excited about learning to code. We also want to help kids make the switch from consuming computer programs to creating them. In a fun and enriching environment, we use experiential learning to develop code and explore kid friendly programming tools, such as Scratch.

Through hands-on activities and discussion, we work individually and as a group to expand and deepen your child’s understanding of programming and use their imagination to create programs.
Our classes are interactive and fun. They have been designed to expose the children to concepts of  programming, how instructions flow through a program, understanding the difference between efficient and inefficient code, concept of testing and debugging programs and understanding the importance of a user interface.

Over the years TechUpKids summer camps have been  appreciated both by the camper and their parents. We want to continue teaching and inspire more children to build their very own first programs and go on to learning other programming languages.

​Welcome to TechUpKids!

Our Quality

We maintain our quality of instruction by continuously improving the curriculum and presenting the content in an age appropriate manner. Our maximum instructor to student ratio for camps is 1:5.

Summer Camps

We run age group based, week long summer camps in July to teach the basic constructs of programming using  Scratch, App Inventor, HTML, Java and Python.

"TechUpKids was a welcome addition to our summer camp schedule and was a perfect fit for our two daughters - ages 9 and 11.  They came home each day excited to share what they had learned and rushed to their laptops to continue work on their projects.  Technology is already such a big part of their lives that this is a fantastic age to teach them the basics and take their learning one step further. The girls were sad to see the week come to an end and immediately asked if they could again next year -- we hope so!"

Lorie and Dean Olynyk

"TechUpKids is content rich and provides personalized instruction. My eleven year old son has outgrown most camps, but loved learning to program. He felt the instructors were excellent and eager to share their passion for computers and programming. This is a unique opportunity for this age group to expand their understanding of technology and explore creative ways to use it."

Natasha Shulman

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"I like creating and playing my own game. It is a lot of fun. I also enjoyed playing outside in the park. I want to go back!"
                                                                                                  Lucas, Age: 8 yrs.


During the school year we offer day long workshops on Pro-D days.

The day includes exploring tools, brainstorming ideas, storyboarding  followed by coding and outdoor play time. We also run weekly afterschool classes.

Why I Like Programming Videos:

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"My child went to 4 camps this summer and this was her favorite by fa​r. She was very engaged and felt free to express herself creatively. It was extremely well led"

Parent of camper

"Our daughter had a wonderful time. She said it was her favorite week of summer so far. She very proudly showed off all her programs to me this evening. We can't wait to enroll our youngest one (currently age 6) when the time is right, and hope that you offer advanced courses for "graduates" of your first session."

Peter L.

"My 10 year son took an online programming class from TechUpkids. He thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much, including some higher Math. He keeps asking to work on his projects and create new ones long since the class is over and has showed them to as many of his friends as he is able. Rita, the instructor, was very patient & flexible and took each child from where they were at to the next stage. If we had time, I would certainly let him take another class, as it challenges him to think and collaborate with others to work out the glitches in their programs."

                                                                                                             Heather Matson

​"Our 8 year old daughter went to an all-day Scratch workshop at TechUpKids.  She had never been exposed to programming before, but when she got home after the day at the workshop she continued to work on her program at home.  She still likes to work on it!  I was impressed that the kids actually get to apply some of the math and logic skills that they are learning in school.  My daughter has asked to go to a full week workshop in the summer."

Gary Watson and Jennifer Simpson

​​​​"Our kids went to TechUpKids totally open minded, with no real expectations of what they would learn. At the end of each day, they raced home to share what they'd done at camp and with their friends. Using fun exercises and great tools, TechUpKids demystified programming concepts and made it easy for the kids to grasp the fundamentals of programming and storyboarding. We would definitely recommend TechupKids - it's a creative and super engaging for the kids!"

Mallory O'Connor and Colin Weston

"I loved making my own games that other kids could play. It was so much fun!  I can’t wait to go to TechUpKids again next year!!"

Addy, age: 8 years

"Justin and Kevin loved programming their own games using Scratch.  The teachers were a lot of fun and were very helpful."

Sunny Faraday