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Paige Olynyk:  Paige is a honour roll student and has just finished Grade 9 at Point Grey Secondary - Mini School.  Her favourite classes include Information Technology and Humanities.  When she is not in school, she enjoys downhill skiing and is a member of the Point Grey Ski Team. Paige attended TechUp Kids as a student in 2013 and is excited for the opportunity to assist with camps this summer!

Instructors/ TAs Summer 2016

Irene Chen
Anushka Agarwal
Paige Olynyk
Ricky Zhang

Annushka Agarwal: Annushka is entering grade 7 at West Point Grey Academy. She’s been programming since she was seven. Recently Anushka and two of her classmates worked on building and programming a robot which made drawings autonomously and presented it at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2016. She enjoys programming in different languages both at school and at home. Anushka has been a consistent helper at many TechUpkids workshops, classes, and summer camps, and is eager to continue volunteering! In addition to programming she likes to play soccer and the piano.  She also enjoys Martial Arts. According to her, the most exciting thing about helping at TechUpKids is meeting new people.

Alex Yu: Alex is a grade 11 student at U-Hill. He has many years of experience in a variety of programming languages and loves to use computer programs automate tasks. He has attained the highest score of 5 on the AP Computer Science exam, and has won the ICTS (Programming) outstanding achievement award for two consecutive years at his school. Alex believes that coding is an essential skill for the future, and through TechUpKids, he hopes to inspire young children to pursue programming.
To learn more about Alex, visit his website at

Alex Yu
Josh Lorincz

Ricky Zhang: Ricky has been programming for 4 years and taken classes with TechUpKids since 2014. He has also assisted in workshops. He continues to learn new programming languages every year. His favourite thing about TechUpKids is the opportunities that they give you to try new things. Ricky is currently attending school with his friend Josh at West Point Grey Academy and is looking to follow a future in technology and design. Currently he is working to engineer an easily portable printer. Outside of the tech world Ricky likes to watch movies.

He is super excited to be a TA at TechUpkids for the Scratch and Android AppInventor camps. 

Irene Chen: Irene is currently studying computer science at the University of British Columbia. She loves experimenting with different technologies, and has experience in web, Android, and iOS development in addition to general backend development. Her work experience includes developing sales generation tools for construction companies as well as developing an app for the visually impaired. As a firm believer in accessible technology, she recently presented the app for the visually impaired to the Prime Minister of Canada. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, exploring new restaurants, and playing video games.​ 

Through TechUpKids, she wants to show others how fun coding can be. 

Joshua Lorincz: Josh is entering grade 9 at West Point Point Grey Academy. He is looking forward to next year in which he will be taking Computer Science 10 with his classmate Ricky. Josh is a passionate programmer and wants to continue on with it later in life. He he has been taking TechUpKids courses since the age of 11 and continues to take courses this year, in which he is learning advanced Java. He has also assisted with the coding workshops. He says his favourite thing about programming is that you can solve a seemingly infinite amount of problems and create anything you want to, literally. His favourite programming project is when he programmed a bookmarking website last summer with his friend Ricky. In addition to coding, Josh likes to play soccer and hike. Josh is very excited to be a TA at TechUpKids this summer.

Summer Camps

We run age group based, week long summer camps in July to teach the basic constructs of programming using  Scratch, App Inventor, HTML, Java and Python.


During the school year we offer day long workshops on Pro-D days.

The day includes exploring tools, brainstorming ideas, storyboarding  followed by coding and outdoor play time. We also run weekly afterschool classes.

Our Quality

We maintain our quality of instruction by continuously improving the curriculum and presenting the content in an age appropriate manner. Our maximum instructor to student ratio for camps is 1:5.